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Pierce with card crossed money in Wallet

Thats how can be called the effect of this trick

And now the important thing:

 - You can use any kind of paper money- even from the viewers

 - You can pierce them with everything ( payment card, playing card, knife, or another paper money)

 - Nothing happens with paper money in wallet, you will give them back in the same state as before

 - Viewers also can mark the paper money

It is perfect for street magic or Close Up.

In a short time everyone even a newcomer can do it, the wallet is not specialy upgraded, before the trick you can give it to viewers and they can control it.

Material: leather

Made by:

Origami Wallet is a version of a trick from amazing magician Dan Harlan from year 1993, with a name "Hot Crossed Ones"
Thank you Dan, for that we can make it again!


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