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Red Stripe Playing Cards

Hand Drawn Edition



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This colorful deck is inspired by stained glass, cardistry, modern art, cubism, and architecture.

The design comes from the concept of wanting a solid stripe in the middle to accent the bright color palette that is used in the deck.

The design looks good when held idly holding the deck in the hands, but also great in movement during flourishes and magic. It also looks very interesting when turned face up.

With the spot cards, the orientation of the spots was changed from the classic 808 design we all love. The court cards on the other hand were another monster entirely. Abstract lines throughout the paper where created, filling in the resulting shapes with color. Next The court cards from a “normal” 808 deck where taken and studied paying close attention to which way the faces were looking, if they held any items unique to the character, if they had facial hair or any other details. In empty cavities and shapes, the artist started drawing his interpretation of each court card in a continuous line and cubist inspired style, with every line going to the edge of the card while adding in the unique details to each court card. Naturally the design of the backs goes along with rhe exquisite style of the deck.

• The cards are poker size.


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