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Papilio V2 Playing Cards



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After the success of the first edition back in 2016, designer Kiran Kuruvithadam has created the Papilio Playing Cards V2, to bring the beauty and elegance of the butterfly to your fingertips.
This fully custom deck features custom pips, illustrated courts, a beautifully crafted Ace of Spades, and an elegantly re-designed tuck. On the design, Kiran said:
"From the beginning, we set for ourselves the goal of coming up with a design that could be both familiar and fresh. This second version features an improved tuck design, thinner borders, aswell as recoloured court cards."
The deck has been designed with the working magicians in mind. Hence, the cards are crafted to feel and look great in performances. The familiar design of the faces allows the cards to be easily recognizable by spectators, making them very presentable. The deck also features:
- Metallik ink on the back and court cards.
- Two identical jokers.
- A blank face card.
- A double backer card.
• The cards are poker size.



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