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Glowiczky Chips

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Magician introduce 3 chips to the spectator and give them to him for examination. First one is RED with a hole in the middle, second one is BLACK and the third one is a little bit smaller in BLUE colour. Magician puts all 3 chips into his left hand and close it to a fist turned upside-down. With right hand he takes out the BLACK chip and puts it into his pocket. Then ask the spectator to say which chip is inside the pocket and which chips are in his left hand. First time the spectator guess correctly. Magician afterwards repeat whole sequence several times, but every time the spectator answer wrong way. No matter how hard he try to follow magician´s hands, all his attemps to guess correctly fails. Chips always change places right the opposite way the spectator think. The very last time magician do the swap inbetween his hands (without using the pocket) right under the spectator´s nose. And again – magician is the winner! Every single chip can be closely examined also after the performance.



This effect was created (and first time performed) around second half of XX. century by hungarian magician (nowadays successful doctor living in the USA), Dr. Glowiczki.

First chips was made from plastic, later from brass. Today we pay attention to our environment, so we decided to made those chips from wood and the protective bag from flax.

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