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CARDISTRY BAG - Ladies Edition

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Design of Bag is stylish, modern and it marks you as Cardistry artist. Also it can protect your cards, which you have always with you.
Designed by Tomáš Hlavatý, who design famous Card Deck- SWE (Ellusionist), NOC LL (Blue Crown), Mirage v2, v3 (Patrick Kun).
Do you have a favorite card deck but you’re too afraid it will get damaged?
The Cardistry Bag moves card protection to a whole new level!
Compared to the standard Card Clip, it protects cards from all sides; cards do not fall off and do not get damage under the pressure of a metal. The Cardistry Bag is made of quality Cordura-like material that protects cards not only from scratches and fall, but from water (inside is a waterproof protective layer) as well. Your favorite cards will stay dry even in unexpected rain and protected from coffee spills. The Cardistry Bag opens with a zip.
On the back it has a belt loop and a rope eyelet that allows you to hang up cards anywhere (by adding a metal sling to a bag, backpack... not included). Thanks to the Cardistry Bag you can throw cards into your bag without fear of damaging them.
The Cardistry bag can hold a pack of poker cards together with the Card Clip.
With little patience and skill on your side the Cardistry bag can hold even two packs of cards!


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